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Take control of the ageing process and live a full, vital and longer life.
This book will empower you to live your life in peak physical and emotional health and with more zest, right up until the day you die.

  • DISCOVER what really works to slow the ageing process; read the latest science so you can learn what to do and when to do it.
  • TRANSFORM your life over time and become the person of your dreams; there are no quick fixes when it comes to stopping ageing, no anti-ageing, just slow
  • APPLY the ‘slow ageing’ principles to best navigate your choices, not just for 12 weeks, but for the rest of your life.
  • PROVEN WAYS to successful ageing – support your learning with a planning and implementation framework that really works.
  • The EASY-TO-FOLLOW ‘slow ageing’ program will have you enjoying a healthier diet, clearer skin, better physical fitness and mental resilience – for many years to come.

“Thanks to learning about slowing ageing and applying what really works, I’m now in better shape, getting more compliments, having more fun, having better sex and living a fuller life than when I was young(er)!”

Kate Marie
(not a movie star, not a doctor, just your standard ageing woman)


Assembled by team of 50 scientists, doctors and other health practitioners as well as informed consumers, this ground-breaking book is the culmination of the biggest collaborative effort on this topic ever attempted.

Spend 5 hours reading this book, spend just 50 days doing what you read, and spend the rest of your longer, healthier life being pleased you did!

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